Yr8 – GCSE Options

Choosing your GCSE subjects

Questions to ask yourself when choosing your GCSE subjects

  • Which subjects am I good at?
  • Which subjects do I enjoy/like?
  • Do I have a career in mind?
  • If so what subjects will I need for my chosen career?
  • What are my wider interests?
  • Am I choosing my subjects for the right reasons?
  • Am I choosing a broad enough range of subjects?

How can I find out what subjects are required for different careers?

  • By using Job Explorer Database (JED) you can explore the different types of careers available
  • SouthamCollege website – Yr8 Blog
  • JED password –contact Mr Hughes hughes.a1@welearn365.com.
  • Complete the “Big Quiz” to see which careers you are be suited to you.
  • Training & Skills (Age 14) – To find which GCSE subjects are required.

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