Year 9 Netball

On Friday the Year 9 netball squad travelled to Condover Hall for a jam packed weekend of netball and activities. The team were so excited for their team’s first trip away having not playing together since year 7. They were ready for the challenge of going up against new teams at a really competitive standard.  

Friday evening the team took part in team building games, daring adventures and some thrilling activities along with having fun and making lots of new friends. Saturday morning started with a 7am wakeup call which some did not appreciate! Once up we headed to watch the first match for the year 11 team to prepare us mentally for what was in store in the afternoon!  

After lunch the year 9’s headed out to the courts, knowing we had some tough competition from schools and clubs. Southam 1 played 4 difficult games in total which was made even more challenging as we suffered a couple of injuries. All the girls were absolutely amazing, stepping up and supporting one another. They played in positions that they were not necessarily familiar with, worked really hard and never gave up. This showed true resilience and a confidence in themselves and each other. We only won one game on the Saturday but I couldn’t have been prouder of my year 9 netballers. 

Alongside this Southam 2 also tackled 4 challenging games.  This saw great interceptions and marking in the circle by the defence Lola and Orla. The mid court consisting of Sophie, Phoebe and Esme worked hard to bring the ball down the court where the shooters Lauren and grace put up some great shots resulting in two 7-0 wins! 

Sunday, Southam 1 had another 4 tricky games and Mrs Herbage set them the challenge of winning 3 out of the 4. No surprises they smashed it! Shooting from Chloe and Sandra was accurate and their movement in the semi-circle made them difficult to mark. 

The centre players, Isabel, Tyra, Darci and Keri controlled the middle of the court with skilful passing, marking and quick feet, both on and off the ball. Finally our superb defenders Lily and Sofia were a force to be reckoned with. The girls showed great flexibility as we moved them around their positions and slotted in perfectly as I would expect from this group of girls. 

Although the Southam 2 girls showed the same commitment and determination in the games on Sunday, the opposition were just a little too strong. However, they did manage a win and no matter what the result was they all had a big smile on their faces. The girls worked really hard as a team when facing some tough opponents! I was so proud of every one of you showing a never giving up attitude. 

This weekend has been a real pleasure getting to spend time with such wonderful, caring and friendly students from Southam College. 

Mrs Herbage and Miss Carro 

Player of the tournament: 

Southam 1: All of you for your outstanding resilience on court and the support and effort put in by you all as a team.  

Southam 2: Phoebe, for her determination in all of the games and the team spirit she portrayed. 

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