Year 9 Central Warwickshire Emerging Schools Netball Tournament

On Wednesday 10th November Southam College took part in the Central Warwickshire Netball Tournament at Kingsley playing fields. 

Southam College B competed in Group B, this included playing 5 matches against Kingsley B, Kenilworth B, Campion B, Kings High and NLS. Out of the five matches, Southam B won 4 and lost one. They beat Kingsley B 5-1, Kenilworth B 7-1, Campion B 11-0, Kings High 6-0 and lost to NLS 2-5. 

All the girls played brilliantly, attack was strong, and defence was tight. Lauren and Grace worked together beautifully in and around the circle to keep possession of the ball and score some exceptional goals under pressure. Esme and Phoebe worked hard up and down the court to keep possession flowing and gain possession with some excellent interceptions. The energy and dynamics of the attacking play was outstanding. Darcie, Orla and Amy worked hard in defence making fantastic interceptions and forcing the opposing team to make errors resulting in them losing possession of the ball. 

The whole team demonstrated the core values Resilience, Confidence and Kindness. They also demonstrated encouragement, determination, and a fantastic level of skill, enabling them to win 4 out of their 5 games. Esme was awarded player of the match 4 times and Grace once by the opposing team. All the girls represented Southam College with great pride and did the school very proud.   ‘Well done ladies, super effort and a fantastic result overall! It was an absolute pleasure to see you all play so wonderfully. Miss

Southam A completed in Group A

Southam v Kingsley A won 10-2

Southam v Kenilworth A won 6-5

Southam v Aylsford won 12-2

Southam v Campion A won 6-1

Southam v Myton Won 4-0

38 fabulous goals from 7 superstars 

Sandra, Chloe, Tyra, Izzy, Kerri, Sofia and Lily 

Passing was accurate and well timed from one end of the court to the other. The centre court was completely dominated by Izzy, Tyra and Kerri. Marking was tight which allowed many crucial interceptions and our defence Lily and Sofia were almost impossible to get past. This resulted in very few goals being scored against us. Chloe and Sandra’s shooting were spot on.

At times we did allow the opposition to get back into the game and put ourselves under pressure, but the girls kept their nerve and worked even harder and stuck together as a team to play a very high standard of netball.

Well done to you all.  As always, you are a credit to Southam College.

A big thank you to Miss Evans for helping us.   Mrs Herbage

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