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Yr8 – GCSE Options

Choosing your GCSE subjects

Questions to ask yourself when choosing your GCSE subjects

  • Which subjects am I good at?
  • Which subjects do I enjoy/like?
  • Do I have a career in mind?
  • If so what subjects will I need for my chosen career?
  • What are my wider interests?
  • Am I choosing my subjects for the right reasons?
  • Am I choosing a broad enough range of subjects?

How can I find out what subjects are required for different careers?

  • By using Job Explorer Database (JED) you can explore the different types of careers available
  • SouthamCollege website – Yr8 Blog
  • JED password –contact Mr Hughes
  • Complete the “Big Quiz” to see which careers you are be suited to you.
  • Training & Skills (Age 14) – To find which GCSE subjects are required.

Year 8 Geography

We are looking at volcanoes as our topic at the moment. Can you challenge yourself to make a labelled cross section of a volcano out of household items? Dig out your Lego or raid the recycling!

Remember to send a picture of your creations to Mrs Bradbury and earn HAPs ( 

Santa Run

Well done to Esme in year 8 who just completed her Santa Run at home during her self-isolation.

She also has raised £30 for Katharine House Hospice.

What a great role model!

The PE Department are extremely proud of you.

Well done Esme. I have been proud of all the year 8’s enthusiasm and efforts this week. You represent a fantastic spirit in the school.
Mr Elkerton

Recruitment for Warwickshire Police Cadets will reopen in January 2021.

Warwickshire Police Cadets is for young people who wish to engage in a programme that offers them an opportunity to gain a practical understanding of policing, develop their spirit of adventure and good citizenship, while supporting their local policing priorities through volunteering, working with partner agencies and positive participation in their communities.

Setting up your Tassomai account

(Please note – accounts which do not meet the criteria below will be deleted).

  1. Get your parents to pay for this on Parent Pay.
  2. Log onto
  3. Click ‘sign in’.
  4. Click ‘register with a code’.
  5. The code for the school is X77N835A. Use only when setting up an account for the first time.
  6. Set yourself up an account using your name as it appears on Parent Pay, your school email, a simple password and your Science group where it asks for ‘forms’ (or your year group if you are in Y7 or Y8). 
  7. At the same time as setting up your account, try a quiz to make sure it works.
  8. Try to complete your daily goal or more every day.  This should take 10-15 minutes but may take a bit longer at first.
  9. Be patient if the Quizzes seem too easy or too hard, the more you use it the more it will get to know you.

Extra Curricular

We’re delighted to be able to start up some extra-curricular for the last 2 weeks of term.

Come and join Mr Samra, Miss Mason and the senior leadership team to show off your skills and have fun.

Monday – Year 7 Football & Netball

Wednesday – Year 9 Football & Netball

Thursday – Year 8 Football & Netball

Sessions will run from 15.40 – 16.30, so students can take advantage of the Late Bus provision.

Students who have PE on the same day as their allocated extra curricular club are to attend in PE kit as normal.

Students who do not have PE timetabled on the day of their club, should attend school in their full UNIFORM and bring PE kit to change into after school.

FOOTBALLERS please meet in the SPORTS HALL and NETBALLERS please meet in the GYM.

Yr12 NHS Work Experience/Pre Degree Nursing work experience

If you are a Year 12 student or older and are thinking of a career in mental health, then we can offer you work experience. Work experience aims to provide you with experience of how the NHS Trust functions from both a support and clinical point of view. Work experience is for two days (usually consecutive days and in the same setting) and is unpaid. The placements range from clinical settings on a mental health ward to offices and reception areas. We can offer two days in a clinical setting in Nuneaton for those between 17 and 18 and if you are aged 18+ we can offer two days in Coventry at the Caludon Centre or Warwick at St Michael’s Hospital. Admin placements for Year 12 students are from two days to a week and could be anywhere in the Trust within Warwickshire providing there is availability. We will try our best to match your requirements to the placements which we offer but this will not be guaranteed. Please note that some departments do have age restrictions.

santa relay 2020

This year Southam College are taking part in the Santa Relay promoted by Katharine House Hospice.

This will be taking place in PE lessons for years 7-9 the week beginning 7th December.

The event is 5KM race, which you can complete individually or in a team of 5 (1KM each):

7A: Thursday 10th December (lesson 3)

7B: Friday 11th December (lesson 3)

8A: Friday 11th December (lesson 4)

8B: Monday 7th December (lesson 5)

9A: Monday 7th December (lesson 2)

9B: Tuesday 8th December (lesson 4)

If you would like to be sponsored and raise money for the event, please get a sponsorship form from your tutor and also pay £1 to receive a Santa hat!

Any questions, please contact Miss MacLachlan, PE Department.