Anti-bullying week 2022

Taste your words before you spite them out

We, the Head Students are excited to announce a new approach to anti-bullying week this year. We have created a week that will surround the topics of sexism, racism and homophobia, and take a more direct and united approach to tackling bullying. Within this week we aim to educate the lower school on why bullying is not tolerated, but more specifically the history behind the aforementioned subsections of bullying and put a stress on why we shouldn’t use targeted, hateful words. The Year 12 prefect team are running a presentation session in years 7-9, which will be an educational session on why certain derogatory slurs are not used, and the history behind them. This is because we believe that educating students as to why these words are hurtful is a lot more efficient at tackling targeted bullying than punishment.

Well Done Year 10

The English Department would like to congratulate Year 10 on completing over 20,000 questions on Educake! Well done for your commitment and hard-work so far this term. 

A special well done to Kelsey B, Keira F, and Jake M for being the top 3 in the year!

Year 10 Netball Tournament

Wednesday 2nd November 2022

Unfortunately, the Year 10 netball tournament was cut short due to poor weather conditions, but we did manage to play 5 games. The A team played Myton School and North Leamington School. They managed to win both games and score 13 goals which was incredible as the wind meant the ball moved in all directions and the rain made it almost impossible to catch.

Well done to Chloe, Tyra, Isabel, Keri, Sofia, Sandra and Grace you were superb.

The B Team managed to play 3 games: Kingsley School, Aylesford School and Campion.

They lost their first two games but pulled off a great win in their final game.

They worked hard up and down the court to keep possession flowing and gain possession with some excellent interceptions. The energy and dynamics of the whole squad was outstanding. All girls demonstrated determination and commitment to their teammates. Well done Emilia, Lauren, Esme, Darcie, Lily, Lola, Esmee and Mia.

We are very lucky to have two strong teams and today we had students represent Southam College for the first time. So as always, I am very proud of you all.

Thank you to Miss Owen for your help and support today.

Mrs Herbage

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