Food preparation and nutrition

This week our Y9 Food students have been looking into cooking methods.

They have done a mini investigation making beef burgers and then cooking them by baking/ roasting in the oven, microwaving, grilling and frying. The homemade burgers each weighed 71g and each was cooked to a temperature of 75degrees. Once cooked, students evaluated the colour and appearance of the burgers, before cutting them up to look at the moisture content. The students also analysed the amount of fat which was left after cooking. Finally came the all important taste test.

Well done Y9.

Mrs James and Miss Sinden

Diversity Week

Year 9s focus for Diversity Week has been Windrush Day. They have had assemblies, tutor activities and will continue to learn about Windrush in History in the next few weeks. Through Windrush and other events, students learn about Britain’s diverse history, celebrating contributions to British society made by the Windrush Generation and also to reflect on the difficulties they faced. Stories of the Windrush generation are told in Colin Grant’s Homecoming, and the history is told in David Olusoga’s book Black and British.

Other aspects of Britain’s diversity can also be learned about through books such as Empireland by Sathnam Sanghera, which Year 8 have been reading to learn about India and Empire.

Students are being encouraged to watch Back in Time for Birmingham which is available on iPlayer.

Year 9 – A Christmas Carol

The English Department have been lucky enough to secure 200 tickets to the RSC’s production of A Christmas Carol on 6thDecember. This trip will be open to current Year 9 as it will support their study of A Christmas Carol in the Autumn term. Electronic copies of the letter have been emailed out to all Year 9 parents. Parent Pay will remain open until 4th July. We hope you can join us! 

Dance Production 2022

It’s Back!

Dance Production will be returning to the stage in December 2022, and we want to see “Everybody dance!”

We need your help to make it bigger and better than ever before. Get your choreography hats on and create a routine that is unique, polished and performed to the best of your ability ready for the auditions in October.

We’re looking for variety;  from solos to groups and styles from ballet to acro. 

All ages are welcome to audition. GCSE PE students in year 9/10 who would be assessed in dance will be expected to enter a piece as this is a fantastic opportunity to be assessed and filmed on stage. 

If any key stage 4 or 5 students are interested in supporting and choreographing a routine for younger students please email Mrs Turton directly  ( or speak to Mrs Mellor.

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